What is Plastic?

When people think of plastic, they probably imagine half-liter bottles, fields of straws, plastic pieces inside a dead bird, single-use bags fluttering in the wind or mountains piled high with plastic trash.
But nobody thinks of the recycled plastic that is a supply of hygiene medical equipment or cosmic radiation protection. What is Plastic?
Is it an evil monster that destroys the environment that mankind depends on? Or is it a friendly creature that represents the advancement of human civilization?
We want people to understand that there are two sides to plastic. Depending on the way that people treat it, plastic can transform into a monster or a helper.
What we need is not a world without plastic.
What we need is to figure out how to use plastic in a better way.


Maker and Programmer
Dian Song
Interaction Designer
Eleni Xynogala
Conceptor and Creative Director
Dongmei Lu
Sound Designer and Sociologist
Myroslava Kuts


Project Expert
Soliman Lopez
Pascal Baltazar
George Domalis
David Erhun
Djeff Reggotaz
Francesco Garbo
Choreography & Dance
Mimi Jeong
Costume Design
Audrey Jaillard
Fabrication & Set up
Baptiste Natali
Machine-learning development
Israel Goytom
Graphic Design
Florian Tripoteau
Logo Design
Dorota Orlof